Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Are you looking for a small paper egg tray making machine for sale? Shuliy has small egg tray molding machines with low cost for manufacturers, first investors, and poultry farmers. Our team will assist you throughout the process with detailed equipment evaluation and selection, quotation, and support.

Shuliy Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Shuliy has a small paper egg tray making machine for sale. It has capacities from 1000pcs/h to 2500pcs/h. In the true case of small-scale egg tray making production, it has been used in many egg tray plant projects. For small-scale manufacturers, first investors, and poultry farmers, our small egg tray machines have low costs. You can produce different finished products with easy operation. Importantly, you can start this business in the short period with low risk.

Finished Product from Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

You can produce various kinds of finished products from our small paper egg tray making machine, including egg trays, egg cartons, quail egg trays, and duck egg trays. You can choose the different sizes of an egg tray. And we have the custom mold for sale to meet your specific requirements. Generally, many customers choose to produce 24-hole or 30-hole egg trays, 6-hole, 12-hole, or 18-hole egg cartons. Certainly, our molding can produce other paper trays, such as apple cartons, fruit trays, shoe trays, etc.

FAQs about Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Is the small egg tray machine manual or automatic?
Manual or automatic egg tray machines all can be achieved. It mainly depends on the different drying methods or packaging systems.
What is the raw material used for making egg trays in the small egg tray machine?
The finished egg trays produced by the small paper egg tray making machine are made from waste paper, such as old newspapers, shredded paper, waste cartons, waste egg trays, cardboard, or other paper materials.

What is the small egg tray making machine cost?
The specific small egg tray machine price will vary by brand, specification, function, and supplier. However, according to market research, a standard small egg tray machine usually costs between $8,000 and $10,000. Do you want to get promotional costs from us? Contact us now for a detailed quotation.

How to choose the right model for a small egg tray manufacturing business?
Assess your production requirements, available space, your budget, and more. We can give you specific advice.

Specification of Small Paper Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

ModelCapacityPaper consumptionWater consumptionEnergy usedWorker

Full Line of Small Paper Egg Tray Making

When purchasing a small paper egg tray making machine for sale, it’s advisable to consult with reputable suppliers who can provide a comprehensive solution, including all the necessary equipment for a complete egg tray production line. Shuliy Machinery has been exporting more and more equipment to customers’ plant. And they got great profits.

Here is an overview of the full line of equipment typically involved:
Pulp Making System: This system is responsible for converting waste paper into pulp.

Egg Tray Molding Machine: This machine is used to form the pulp into desired shapes and sizes of egg trays. It consists of molds and a forming system that helps create uniform and sturdy trays.Egg tray dryer: Once the egg trays are molded, they need to be dried to reduce moisture content and increase their strength. The drying system can include various methods such as natural drying, brick drying, or advanced drying techniques like rotary or multi-layer drying.

Hot Pressing Machine (Optional): In some cases, a hot pressing machine is used to enhance the strength and smoothness of the finished egg trays.Packaging and Stacking Equipment: Equipment such as automatic stacking machines and packaging systems can streamline these processes and improve efficiency.

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have, provide detailed specifications, and offer personalized guidance to help you choose the right machine for your specific needs. Do you want to learn more about our small paper egg tray making machine for sale? Contact us for quotation and details.