2000-2500PCS/H Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

For medium-scale investors or egg tray manufacturers, this 2000-2500pcs/h egg tray manufacturing machine is economical to produce different types of paper trays, including egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, etc. You will achieve mass production with minimal investment. Besides, Shuliy Machinery will provide you with professional, customized solutions and comprehensive service. Interested? Welcome to contact us to get the desired price.

Basic Information about 2000-2500pcs/h Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

1. Raw material: this egg tray manufacturing machine can adopt various kinds of waste paper, waste cartons, cardboard, newspaper, magazine, A4 paper, and more. It is environmentally friendly for paper recycling. Therefore, this market is also becoming more and more promising.

2. High demand: based on market outlook analysis, the demand in the global for egg tray making machines is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This also means that you have more possibility for profit growth.

Final Products You Can Produce From This Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

This egg tray manufacturing machine can produce egg trays, apple trays, egg boxes, cup trays, bottle trays, and industrial packing, covering a wide range of industries. About size or other details, our professionals will design egg holder molds for various production demands.

Why Customers Choose Our Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

There has a true case from our customers who bought our egg carton making machine. There are many reasons why customers trust our equipment and companies, and the following are the most important ones.

First, product quality reassures customers. You can get a reliable, stable paper tray making machine with high efficiency and less maintenance.

Second, customized solutions to meet your needs. Many customers don’t know what model to choose, or what type of paper tray to produce. Choose Shuliy, our teams will develop the most suitable solution for you.

Third, quick response for your contact. With professional knowledge and experience, our manager is committed to solving your problems faster. And they will prioritize your needs as their primary goal.

Do you want to know the customer’s feedback after using our machine? Want to make your production project more secure? Our professionals are waiting for your contact.

Parameters of Shuliy WJ-3*4 Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

ModelCapacityPowerpower supplyWeight
WJ-2500 – 3X42000-2500pcs/h55kw/h380V50HZ4000kg
Size(Egg tray machine)Paper consumptionWater consumption/hourDrying
2900*1800*1800200kg/h400kg/hbrick kiln or multi-layer

Egg Tray Making Machine Video

Which Drying Method is Best for You after Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

For drying methods, you have various choices, including natural drying, drying chamber, brick dryer, metal drying, or others. The best drying method for you after an egg tray manufacturing machine will depend on several factors, including the size of your operation, the type of materials you are using, and your budget. We will help you choose the most economical dryer that meets your needs.

There are different models of egg tray making machines here, covering automatic egg tray machines, semi-automatic egg tray manufacturing machines, or manual egg tray making machines for various capacities from 1000pcs/h to 8000pcs/h. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.