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About us

Founded in 2011, Shuliy Machinery has rich experience in egg tray making machines, paper egg tray production lines. Our team consists of nearly 100 highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing superior equipment, customized solutions, and exceptional customer service.

In the global market, we have established cooperation with over 20 countries. Our customers did succeed in manufacturing egg trays. In this industry, we have won a good reputation and trust.

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As one of the leading egg tray molding machine manufacturers, lots of customers choose our equipment, including various quality egg tray molding machines. Our egg tray forming machine, egg tray production line equipment, and spare parts have been used in many project from our clients. And they are from all over the world. All of Shuliy products have been obtained ISO, SGS, CE, and other international certificates.

Starting as a humble production facility and growing into a renowned multinational corporation, we consistently strive for innovation and progress. Since the inception of Shuliy Machinery, our vision has been to become a leading enterprise that contributes to a more sustainable world. Our machinery specializes in converting waste into valuable energy, a remarkable and commendable feat.

Choose us, many investors and business projects got great returns. Contact us now to start a successful business.

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Our paper egg tray machines, also known as pulp molding machines, are versatile equipment that produces egg trays, fruit trays, wine trays, or other paper trays in various sizes and shapes. It has applications in industries such as food, beverage, agriculture, animal husbandry, aquatic products, and hotels.

Our equipment features high-efficiency, cost-effective, and less maintenance. We offer customized solutions to meet your production needs. In terms of output, you can choose a large or small egg tray making machine. For types, we have automatic or semi-automatic machines.

With growing environmental awareness, the egg tray manufacturing market has tremendous potential for growth. Choose our egg tray making machine to enjoy a successful business and a better life! Contact us now to get a detailed quote and explore more possibilities.


Our whole paper egg tray production line includes the paper pulper, egg tray forming machine, egg tray drying equipment, and packaging system. Machines have different models, suitable for the output from 1000pcs/h to 7000pcs/h. According to the finished product you want to produce, choose the applicable mold.

For your specific needs and the actual situation, provide personalized solutions, including equipment and technical solutions, production process optimization, etc. Save space and investment costs for you. And you will get the full range of services and support, consulting, before-sales programs, after-sales service, etc. Our goal is to offer excellent solutions and help customers succeed in the market.

Service for you

Before-sales Service

Consultation and communication via Email/Social Media/Call/Video.

Offer machine videos, pictures, licenses, quotes, or other details.

Design factory plans for customers.

Customize product molds. Visit our factory at any time.

Sales Service

Test performance for egg tray making machine.

Standard quality control service.

On-time and safe delivery.

Tracking shipping information for you.

After-sales Service

Installation and commissioning guide online or onsite.

One-year warranty for customers to repair any parts.

Technical support during equipment in operation.

Quick response when you have problems.

Professional Teams

Experienced teams with professional knowledge.

Responsible and comprehensive service.

Dozens of successful service cases for clients.

Help our customers deliver excellent results.

Company culture

At Shuli Machinery, our mission is to make Chinese machines change the world in every corner, while our values guide everything we do. Our core values contain integrity, gratitude, altruism, positive energy, embracing change, and team spirit. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services that enhance production efficiency and quality of life. Customers who bought also benefited from our egg tray making machine, egg carton production line.

Our detailed division of labor, optimized processes, and employee training programs help ensure that our employees grow and thrive. We believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate success, and employee growth is our greatest asset. If you need related equipment, we are very willing to provide you with professional advice and solutions to jointly promote the development of the industry.

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