FAQs for Making Egg Trays

Egg Tray Making

You can use waste paper to produce egg trays or other paper trays, including recycling paper, old newspapers, A4 paper, notebooks, magazines, cardboard boxes, and used egg trays.

Yes, you can produce egg crates, quail egg cartons, shoe trays, seedling trays, packaging trays, fruit trays, wine trays, bottle trays, and coffee cup trays.

It involves pulping, molding, drying, and packaging. The complete egg tray production line enables efficient and fast production of paper trays.

To start, you need to consider raw materials, production solutions, equipment, and input cost. Shuliy Machinery will offer you a customized plan covering all processes.

Make waste paper into paper pulp in egg tray pulping equipment.

Natural drying, drying chamber, brick dryer, metal drying, or others. Our professionals will advise you on the best way. Learn more about our dryer for egg trays.