Egg Tray Hot Pressing Machine

Our egg tray hot pressing machine is an efficient and stable equipment widely used in paper tray production lines, providing customers with high-quality paper tray products. By using hot pressing forming technology, the process can be quickly and efficiently completed. Easy to operate, providing comprehensive service to ensure you have no worries.

What’s The Egg Tray Hot Pressing Machine?

The egg tray hot pressing machine can shape the wet pulp in the mold, and through the treatment of high temperature and pressure, the fibers in the pulp are interwoven to form a stable structure. This treatment allows the pulp to remain shape-stable after drying and not easily deformed or cracked.

Application of Egg Tray Hot Pressing Machine

In the paper tray production line, our egg tray pressing machines apply heat and pressure to improve the strength, toughness, and quality of the paper trays. It will be suitable for various types of paper trays, including egg trays, fruit trays,s, electronic product packaging boxes, wine bottle trays, pharmaceutical product packaging boxes, etc. It can adapt to the production of paper pallets with different shapes, sizes, and design requirements. Our egg tray hot pressing machine can provide efficient, stable, and consistent molding effects.

Parameters of Egg Tray Hot Pressing Machine

Machine nameHot pressing machine
Working pressure15 Tons
Working temperature160~200℃
Working cycle time6-10 second
Compressed air required0.5~0.6MPa, 1M3/min;
ControlPLC control

Why Choose Our Egg Tray Hot Pressing Machine?

Simple Operation: The machine is designed for ease of use, allowing one person to operate it efficiently. With user-friendly controls and clear instructions, you can easily complete the egg tray hot pressing process.

Counter Device: It is equipped with a counter device that accurately tracks the number of trays produced. This feature makes it convenient for monitoring production output and managing inventory.

Efficient Pneumatic and Hydraulic System: The hot pressing machine is powered by a combination of pneumatic and hydraulic-supported cylinders. This configuration enables high efficiency, generating strong pressure for effective hot pressing while optimizing power consumption.

Energy saving: It can complete hot pressing in a short period, reduce energy waste, reduce production costs, and bring economic benefits to customers.

Reliable and stable: The egg tray hot pressing machine adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which has good durability and stability. It has undergone strict quality inspection and testing for a long time, providing customers with reliable paper tray production solutions.

Comprehensive service: You will get a complete service system covering pre-sales, during-sales, and after-sales. We can provide detailed information, solutions, professional advice, technical support, an installation guide, and a guarantee period.

How to Operate This Egg Tray Hot Pressing Machine?

Preparation: Ensure that the machine is properly set up. Check whether the machine mold, lubrication, air pressure, temperature, and other moving parts operate normally.

Start switch: After completing the previous step, you can start to prepare for hot pressing molding.

Check products: Determine whether it meets the quality standards.
For the egg tray hot pressing machine, we have a more detailed operation process and precautions for the operation to ensure your project runs stably and efficiently.

By using an egg tray hot pressing machine, your egg trays, or other paper trays will have higher quality to be popular in the market. As the growing market, you may get more returns. Here are also have automatic egg tray making machines for your production. Contact us today to learn more. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with personalized solutions, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in the egg tray production line.