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Introducing our Egg Tray Production Line – a one-stop solution for all your egg tray manufacturing requirements. This comprehensive line encompasses essential components like the egg tray machine, pulper, dryer, and more.

Covering every stage from raw materials to the final product, our production line ensures a seamless process, delivering high-quality egg trays that precisely match your packaging needs.

Experience efficiency, precision, and excellence with our Egg Tray Production Line, your key to streamlined and top-tier egg tray manufacturing.

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What are the Raw Materials in Egg Tray Production Line?

In an egg carton production line or egg tray machines, the raw materials primarily consist of waste paper or water.

Waste Paper: This includes various types of recycled paper such as newspapers, cardboard boxes, magazines, office paper, and other paper-based materials. Recycling waste paper helps reduce environmental impact and promotes sustainability.

Water: Water is an essential component in the egg carton production process. It is used for soaking and pulping the waste paper, as well as for diluting the pulp to the desired consistency.

Introduction of Egg Carton Production Line Machine

The egg box production line process is a systematic approach to manufacturing egg trays from waste paper. It involves several key steps and machines, including egg tray pulping, molding, drying, and packing process.

Shuliy Machinery will provide a whole egg box production line with competitive costs, quality equipment, and professional services to meet your needs.

1. Egg tray pulper

The paper egg tray pulper from Shuliy has many advantages, providing customers with better solutions. With professional technology and superior materials, which can efficiently make waste paper into desired pulp.

It has a powerful processing capacity and can handle various types and qualities of waste paper. You will have a stable pulping process, reducing the need for manual intervention and water input. While protecting the environment, energy can also be achieved.

2. Egg tray machine

In the egg box production line, the egg tray forming machine will shape egg tray products from paper pulp. Choose our egg tray forming machine, you will have efficient, stable, and reliable product tools to help you get great returns in the egg tray market.

Firstly, it is easy to operate, enabling you to produce high-quality paper trays easily and efficiently.

Secondly, our paper pulp molding machine will ensure that each egg tray has a consistent shape and quality, enhancing your product competitiveness.

In addition, we also provide customized solutions to meet production needs of different scales and requirements.

3. Egg tray dryer

The Egg Tray dryer is used to efficiently dry the wet egg trays and ensure their quality. With advanced drying technology, our Egg Tray dryer offers numerous advantages.

It utilizes a precise temperature and humidity control system to create an optimal drying environment, ensuring uniform and thorough drying of the trays. It also has the advantages of saving energy, stable running, etc.

4. Egg tray pressing machine

With high temperature and pressure, our hot pressing machine will help you get beautifully crafted and sturdy egg trays. With our egg tray hot pressing machine, you can elevate the quality of your egg trays, enhance their market appeal, and ultimately achieve your targets in the egg tray manufacturing industry.

5. Egg Tray packing machine

After the pressing process, our egg tray packing machine ensures that your egg trays remain secure and intact throughout transportation and storage. It can save your time and energy, improve efficiency, and give you reliable operation.

Egg Tray Packing Machine
Egg Tray Packing Machine

Finished Products from Our Egg Tray Production Line Machine

Our egg tray production line machine delivers a wide range of high-quality finished products that cater to various packaging needs.

The versatile machine produces egg trays of different sizes, egg boxes for secure transportation, nursery trays for plant cultivation, wine trays for bottle protection, coffee cup trays for convenient carrying, medical trays for sterile storage, fruit trays for fresh produce display, and custom-made paper trays tailored to your specific requirements.

Technical Parameters of the Egg Tray Machine

ModelCapacityPaper consumptionWater consumptionEnergy usedWorker
Parameters of the Egg Carton Machine

Benefits You Will Get from Our Egg Carton Production Line

  • High production efficiency for increased output.
  • A versatile machine capable of producing various tray designs.
  • Customized options to meet specific packaging requirements.
  • Robust construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Energy-efficient operation for cost savings.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements for hassle-free operation.
  • Reliable performance for uninterrupted production.
  • Expert technical support and after-sales service for you.

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Investing in our egg tray production line and egg tray machines comes with numerous benefits. From machines to services, Shuliy Machinery is your first choice.

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Commercial Egg Tray Machine
Commercial Egg Tray Machine
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