5000-6000PCS/H Egg Box Making Machine

The 5000-6000PCS/H egg box making machine can produce egg boxes, egg cartons, egg trays, and more. With high-speed production speed, it is an ideal choice for you that require large-scale egg tray production projects. With the great price, many people are attracted by our egg tray making machine.

Raw Materials Used in 5000-6000PCS/H Egg Box Making Machine

For our egg box making machine, you can use all kinds of waste paper, recycled paper, shredded paper, waste egg trays, old newspapers, magazines, books, A4 Paper, cardboard boxes, etc. It needs to mix water and waste paper to enter the next egg tray making process. Egg trays made from recycled paper are a more environmentally friendly option and more cost-saving than those made from virgin materials.

Introduction about This Egg Box Making Machine

Our egg box making machine will produce different kinds of paper trays, which can be used in various industries. Which paper trays do you want to produce? We can customize molds to achieve your targets. Finished products from our egg tray machine are as follows: egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, shoe trays, wine trays, coffee cup trays, etc.

Egg box making machine for sale
Egg box making machine for sale

Technical Data of Shuliy Egg Tray Box Machine

ModelCapacityPowerpower supplyWeight
SL-5000 – 5X85000-6000pcs/h95kw/h380V50HZ8000kg
SL-5*8 egg tray box machine

Egg Tray Making Machine Youtube Video Details

Why Choose Shuliy’s Egg Box Making Machine?

For those who buy an egg tray machine, generally, everyone will mainly consider two aspects that are egg tray making machine, a manufacturer, or a supplier. For those, Shuliy Machinery will be your first choice.

1. Egg Box Making Machine

  • Large capacity: you can get mass production in a short time.
  • Various molds: plastic molds and aluminum molds are available for your needs.
  • Rich types of finished products: produce one or several kinds of paper trays in your factory.
  • Stable operation and less maintenance: smooth project without any additional losses.
  • Competitive price: cost-effective performance, helping you achieve the desired production effect.
  • Professional technology: you can produce desired final paper trays.
  • Quality material: use high-quality spare parts. For the drive shaft, base, or other parts, we chose superior material.
  • Lower energy consumption: it will help you save running costs.

2. Service from our company

Before-service: confirm your requirements, and send related information, including pictures, videos, customized solutions, layout plan, etc.

After-service: technical support for you, installation guide, online or onsite support, guarantee period.

Delivery: before delivery, we will test your ordered machine and arrange safe shipping. After delivery, we will track delivery information to get in touch with you.

Find more types of paper egg tray machines, egg tray forming machines, and egg tray molding machines. Choose Shuliy Machinery, to help you set efficient egg tray making lines. How to start an egg tray manufacturing business?

Want to know the cost of investment? How long will it get a return after your start? If you have any problems or are interested in our egg tray box making machine, welcome to contact us.

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