Egg Tray Pulping Machine

This egg tray pulping machine is the first step in the egg tray production line process. It efficiently converts waste paper into a smooth and consistent pulp mixture, which is used to create high-quality egg trays. Shuliy offers you professional machinery, it will help you produce durable and reliable egg trays.

What is Egg Tray Pulping Machine?

As a vital equipment in paper egg tray production line, the egg tray pulping machine is designed to make waste paper into a pulp mixture that forms the basis of making egg trays. it directly influences the quality of pulp molding products.

The machine operates by breaking down the recycled paper, waste paper into fibers, which are then mixed with water to create a slurry. This slurry is further refined and processed to remove impurities and achieve the desired consistency.

Shuliy Machinery has gained a great reputation in egg tray making machines, pulp molding machines. According to your requirements and demands, we will provide full egg tray production line equipment.

How to Make Egg Tray Pulp from Egg Tray Pulping Machine?

Put water and all kinds of waste paper as raw materials into the egg tray pulping machine. And then place in a pulp adjustment pool (where pigments, waterproof glue, etc. are added). After high-concentration stirring in paper pulper, the pulp is automatically transported to the supply pool for storage and stirring. The pulp from the pulp adjustment pool is pumped into the supply pool through a pulp pump, and the water from water pool also enters the supply pool through a valve, so that the concentration will reach data that you need. After that, the pulp will be entered into the egg tray forming machine.

Advantages about Egg Tray Pulping Machine

  • Efficient pulping: The egg tray pulping machine is designed to efficiently break down waste paper or other raw materials into a fine pulp, ensuring a smooth and consistent mixture for molding into egg trays.
  • Customized pulp consistency: The pulping machine allows for adjustments in the consistency of the pulp, enabling manufacturers to produce egg trays of different thicknesses and strengths according to their specific requirements.
  • Cost-effective: The machine helps to reduce production costs by utilizing waste paper or other recycled materials as the raw material for pulp, making it an eco-friendly and economical choice.
  • Easy operation and maintenance: These machines are designed for user convenience, with user-friendly interfaces and simple operation procedures. They also require minimal maintenance, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production.
  • Small Occupation space: the whole pulping process is simple to save your area. And we also will design it according to your real conditions.

Egg Tray Pulping Machine Parameters

ModelPowerApplicable Egg Tray Machine
1.2m³7.5kw3*1 4*1
2.5m³11kw3*1 4*4

Main Machine in Egg Tray Pulping System

Hydraulic Pulper

The hydraulic pulper, namely egg tray pulping machine, is mainly used to pulp. The water is rotated through the impeller, and the waste paper and water collide with the spoiler on the cylinder through the centrifugal force, and then the beating is realized. Generally, it takes about 20-40 minutes to make a barrel of pulp (the time varies according to the toughness of waste paper)

Pulp Pump

It is responsible for transferring the pulp from the pulper to subsequent stages of the production process, such as pulp storage tanks or the pulp molding machine. Our pulp pump in egg tray pulping system is from famous brand. It is typically made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, to withstand the abrasive nature of the pulp and maintain its performance over time. It is equipped with a powerful motor and impeller that generate the necessary pressure to transport the pulp efficiently.

Our egg tray pulping machine offers exceptional quality and efficiency. With our advanced technology and expertise, we ensure the production of paper pulp with minimal energy consumption and high quality. And our paper pulper has been used in our customer’s egg tray projects. If you are interested, welcome to contact us now for price and more information.