Pulp Egg Tray Machine at Best Price

Pulp Egg Tray Machine at Best Price

paper pulp egg tray machine

From raw materials to finished products, here has the hot sale paper pulp egg tray machine with the best price. You can find the competitive price range and advantages from Shuliy. Whether you’re new to the industry or seeking cost-effective solutions, this article provides a valuable overview of the world of pulp egg tray machines at their best prices.

Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Raw material:

Our pulp egg tray machine mainly utilizes waste paper, old newspapers, shredded paper, recycled paper, white paper, and cardboard as the primary raw materials.

Hot sale paper pulp molding machine:

Looking for a paper pulp egg tray machine with the best price? Our range of pulp egg tray machines offers capacities ranging from 1000pcs/h to 8000pcs/h, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your production needs. In our paper pulp molding machine, some customers are interested in 3000pcs/h paper egg tray making machine. It has factory price, which is more competitive than others in the market.

End products from egg tray molding machine:

The paper pulp molding machine transforms the raw materials into a range of end products with precision and accuracy. These end products include egg trays of different sizes, as well as egg cartons with 6, 12, 15, 18, or 24 packs, chicken egg trays with 20, 24 and 30 holes, quail egg trays, fruit trays, cup trays, and more.

end products
end products

Best Pulp Egg Tray Machine Price from Shuliy

Pulp Egg Tray Molding Machine Price Range

Generally, for smaller capacity paper pulp molding machine like 1000pcs/h, the price can start from around $5,000. As you move up to larger capacity machines like 8000pcs/h, the price can go up to around $20,000 or more. There has customers from Palestine bought our popular egg tray molding machine.

paper pulp molding machine
paper pulp molding machine

Advantages of Shuliy Paper Pulp Molding Machine

Our pulp egg tray machines come with the option of using customized molds, whether it’s plastic or aluminum, providing flexibility in the tray’s design. We also offer customized egg tray options, allowing you to choose the weight, color, and shape that suits your specific requirements.

Our paper pulp molding machine has advantage of low-energy consumption, high efficiency, and strong stability make it an exceptional choice for businesses seeking optimal performance and cost-effectiveness in their egg tray production operations.

paper pulp egg tray machine
paper pulp egg tray machine

Paper Pulp Molding Production Line

The paper pulp molding production line is a well-structured process that transforms waste paper into functional and eco-friendly products through steps such as paper pulping to break waste paper into pulp, molding, drying, and packaging. This efficient process contributes to sustainable practices and the production of a wide range of useful items.

egg tray production line machine
egg tray production line machine

In this egg tray production line, you need to adopt paper pulper, pulp egg tray machine(paper pulp molding machine), egg tray dryer, egg tray packaging machine. If you are a starter in egg tray business, we can also provide factory drawing. For all of the detailed quote of every equipment, welcome to contact us.

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