Successful Egg Tray Machine Price Case in Palestine

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One of our clients from Palestine chose our egg tray machine price for this poultry farm. This machine can produce various paper trays efficiently. And here are hot sale egg tray machines for your business. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established egg tray manufacturer, our machine will bring you success in this industry.

Palestine Client Invested Our Egg Tray Machine Price

A Palestinian client recently made a smart investment in our efficient egg tray machine. He was impressed by the competitive egg tray machine price we offered, which perfectly matched their budget and production needs. Our team worked closely with them to learn his requirements and recommended the most suitable machine for his business.

Full Process of This Egg Tray Machine Price Case

Clients Inquiry

We recently received an inquiry from this client looking to purchase an egg tray machine.

He plan to use the machine for producing egg trays for his poultry farm. And he don’t know how to choose one. Therefore, he talked with us about the scale of his poultry farm.

Having heard about our reputation as a leading supplier of egg tray machines, the client reached out to us for a competitive egg tray machine price.

egg carton mold
egg carton mold

Before Ordering

When he shows interest in our egg tray machines, we promptly respond with a wealth of information. We send detailed brochures and specifications, giving them a comprehensive understanding of our machines’ capabilities and features.

Furthermore, we provide transparent pricing for each component, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on their specific budget and requirements.

Delivery Information

ModelCapacityPowerpower supplyWeight
SL-1500 – 4X11500 -2000pcs/h38kw/h380V50HZ3000kg
1500pcs/h egg tray machine
automatic egg tray making machine
egg tray machine delivery
egg tray machine delivery

Why Choose Our Egg Tray Machine Price?


With different mold options, these egg tray machines can produce a wide range of tray sizes and designs, making them suitable for various packaging needs. Whether it’s egg cartons, fruit trays, or seedling trays, an egg tray machine can efficiently cater to diverse requirements.

They can manufacture a large number of trays in a short period, leading to increased efficiency and reduced labor costs for businesses.

Customers Feedback

Our customers’ feedback on the egg tray machine has been overwhelmingly positive. They have praised the machine for its excellent performance, reliability, and ease of operation. Notably, customers have appreciated the competitive egg tray machine price we offer.

Many clients have expressed satisfaction with the value they get for their investment in our egg tray machine.

Competitive Egg Tray Machine Price

Looking for an egg tray machine at a competitive price? You’ve come to the right place!

Our team of experts ensures that every egg tray machine we supply is manufactured with precision and adheres to international standards. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established egg tray manufacturer, our competitive price ensures that you get the best return on your investment from USD3,500.

Hot Sale Egg Tray Machine

Our hot sale egg tray machines include a wide range of models, from manual egg carton making machine for small-scale operations to fully automated systems for high-volume production.

Choose from machines with production rates ranging from 1000pcs/h to 8000pcs/h, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your production requirements.

View here for these models:

3000pcs/h paper egg tray forming machine
egg carton machine

If you need egg tray machine, Shuliy will offer your quality equipment and comprehensive services. Contact us for price and details.

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