Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

Shuliy has the egg tray making machine for sale. The customer from Sri Lanka bought our equipment twice, including the egg tray molding machine, the full egg tray production line equipment, the pulper, the hot pressing machine, etc. And he is satisfied with our equipment and service. If you have any needs in egg tray making, Shuliy will be your first choice.

Customer Background in Finding Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Customers find our egg tray making machine for sale in Shuliy Machinery. He wanted to produce egg trays, lunch boxes with their logo, etc. He needs equipment for the entire egg tray, and paper tray production line.

For the whole details of the manufacturing process, he has done a detailed understanding of our company. Finally, after many comparisons, including price, equipment, company qualification, strength, etc., he chose our equipment and ordered machines from us twice.

Shipping Equipment of This Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Shuliy Machinery has egg tray production lines, supportive equipment, and the egg tray making machine for sale. Here is the equipment he ordered twice.

Shipping list for first order
Paper pulper: The paper pulper in the egg tray making process can break down the waste paper into pulp, which is then used to form the egg trays.
Egg tray forming machine: This paper pulp molding machine is responsible for shaping the pulp into the desired paper tray shape. It can meet the production needs of all customers. It has a variety of finished paper trays, such as egg trays, wine trays, shoe trays, packaging trays, etc.

Hot pressing machine: It is used to further solidify the molded pulp and enhance the strength and durability of the egg trays. This ensures that the trays can safely hold and protect the eggs during storage and transportation.
Pulp pump: The pulp pump in egg tray making can transfer the pulp mixture to the forming machine, ensuring a consistent and smooth supply of pulp.

Delivery of equipment in the second order
Forming molds: it includes several forming molds for lunch boxes, 10 eggs, 6 eggs, paper plates, etc. We can customize the mold according to your needs for other applications.
Vacuum pump: Responsible for shaping and dehydration, the pulp is adsorbed through the stainless steel mesh on the mold to form a paper tray, and the excess water enters the pool.

Why the Customer Choose Our Egg Tray Machine

Pre-Sales Support

Our dedicated team of experts provides comprehensive pre-sales support to assist customers to achieve their requirements. For example, this customer has many questions for his production covering raw material, mold details, egg tray making machine cost, and more.

Our team does our best to solve the problem for it. By giving professional advice, sending design drawings, communicating and confirming, etc., customers feel that we are very professional and reliable. Finally, he decided to order our egg tray making machine.

Reliable After-Sales Service

We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer reliable after-sales service to ensure smooth machine operation and productivity. Help customers track logistics information and installation. And provide a warranty period.

Every service prompts the customer to place an order with our company a second time. Do you need our help in starting paper tray making process? Our teams are trusted partners for your business. We have more equipment for sale.

Advantages of Our Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

When it comes to investing in an egg tray making machine, our equipment has been for sale in many countries, such as Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, and more. Why did these customers choose our equipment?

Egg tray making machine for sale
It has superior equipment Features, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, customization molds, etc. This also means that you can reduce maintenance, ensure long-term operational efficiency, and improve your business while producing paper trays that meet market demand.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our paper pulp egg tray machine at a competitive price without compromising on quality. We try our best to help customers get the best price, and we will hold promotional activities from time to time.

Our satisfied customer from Sri Lanka is a testament to the reliability and performance of our equipment. If you are considering venturing into the egg tray production industry or looking to upgrade your existing equipment, Shuliy is your trusted partner. Our experienced engineers work closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and provide customized solutions that optimize production efficiency. We have the egg tray making machine for sale, which will meet your demands. Welcome to get in touch with us.