Egg Carton Manufacturing Process for Paper Egg Box

Egg Carton Manufacturing Process for Paper Egg Box

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From waste paper to egg carton, the egg carton manufacturing process follows a series of crucial steps for paper egg boxes. It progresses through the pulping, molding, and drying, and packaging. It means you need to use paper pulper, egg carton machine, dryer, and packing equipment. Two keys in this production line to help you get more profits. Here are some questions you may be interested in.

Raw Material in Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

In the egg carton manufacturing process, common raw materials include waste paper, cardboard, old newspapers, shredded paper,trimming paper, waste egg trays, and recycled paper products. These materials are collected, sorted, and processed to create eco-friendly and sustainable egg cartons.

Simple Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

The egg carton manufacturing process is simple. It is similar as egg tray production process. The difference is molds in egg carton making machine. Waste paper is first collected and sorted. It is then mixed with water to create a pulp. This pulp is molded into the desired egg carton shape using specially designed molds. Generally, it needs to use four types of equipment.

The formed cartons are then subjected to pressing and drying to remove excess moisture. Afterward, the dry cartons are stacked and ready for packaging. This simple yet efficient process results in the creation of durable and environmentally friendly egg cartons.

Egg Carton Pulping Process

It is the first step in egg carton manufacturing process that make waste paper into paper pulp. Pulp waste paper and water into pulp (1:10 ratio), then put it into the pulping tank (pigment, waterproof glue, etc. are added to this tank) .

And then pump the pulp in the pulping tank through the pulp pump Into the slurry supply tank, the water in the tank also enters the slurry supply tank through the valve, so that the concentration in the slurry supply tank reaches 3%-5%, so repeated operations are the pulping process

Paper Egg Box Molding Process

The paper egg box molding process involves placing the pulp mixture into a egg carton machine. The machine applies pressure and suction to shape the pulp into egg box forms using specific egg carton molds. Our pulp molding machine can produce egg cartons from 1,000pcs/h to 8,000pcs/h.

Drying System for Egg Carton

The drying system for egg cartons involves using a egg tray dryer, natural air drying or multi-layer mental layer, with heat to remove moisture from the molded pulp. This helps the egg box cartons become strong and ready for packaging.

Natural air drying will needs some labor, more space area and heat environment. Civil drying will have less investment cost than multi-layer mental layer, but needs long area. For this method, you can choose coal, wood, natural gas, diesel, and more as fuel options. Contact us, our professional will help you make right and cost-saving drying.

Egg Box Packaging System

The egg box packaging machine involves placing the dried and molded egg cartons for transportation and storage. This can be done manually or using automated equipment like box packers. The stacked egg cartons are carefully arranged to ensure safe delivery to retailers or customers.

Keys of Egg Carton Manufacturing Process for Profits

Producing high-quality egg cartons for egg carton manufacturer involves two key factors: strict quality control and regular machine maintenance. Carefully monitor each step of the egg carton manufacturing process. Regularly inspect and service the machinery to prevent breakdowns and maintain optimal production. It may reduce your production cost and get more profits for your business.

A good-quality egg tray must first have flexibility to protect the eggs and at the same time, it must also have a certain hardness, which is convenient for packing out of the box. The appearance should be neat and smooth. And you can add the color you like to meet your local market.

FAQs About Egg Carton Manufacturing Process

How to make high-quality egg cartons?

Ensure high-quality egg cartons through professional manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control.

What other products does this machine make?

This machine can also produce other items like egg trays, fruit trays, bottle trays, seedling trays, and coffee cup trays.

Are egg cartons recycled?

Yes, paper egg cartons are commonly recycled, because it adopts waste paper as raw material. And some plastic egg cartons can do it. However, more and more paper pulp egg boxes are in the market to meet environment requirements.

How to find the right machine for this process?

To find the right machine for this process, consider factors like production capacity and quality requirements, and explore options from a reputable supplier, such as Shuliy Machinery. We provide all of equipment in egg carton production line.

Explore the efficient egg carton manufacturing process for paper egg boxes. With over a decade of experience, a dedicated team of around 80 skilled professionals, and a presence in over 15 countries, we are your trusted partner. Inquire with us today for top-quality solutions.

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