Working process of egg tray production line

Working process of egg tray production line

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In the complex realm of egg carton production, achieving a seamless and efficient process is crucial to meet diverse market demands.

The workflow of an egg carton production line encompasses several key stages, each contributing to the creation of sturdy and reliable packaging.

Let’s delve into the critical steps that constitute this production line.

1. Pulping System

The working process begins with the pulping system, a fundamental step in transforming raw materials into the foundation for egg carton creation.

Recycled paper or pulp undergoes a meticulous breakdown, resulting in a slurry consistency. The core equipment for this process is the egg tray pulping machine, designed to handle various materials efficiently.

pulping machine
pulping machine

2. Molding Process

Following pulping, the transformed material proceeds to the molding process. Here, the pulp takes on the distinct shape of egg cartons, a critical phase in the production line.

We provide a range of molding machines, including automatic egg tray machines, small-scale options, and semi-automatic machines, to ensure versatility to accommodate varying production capacities.

egg tray production line
egg tray production line

3. Drying System

Post-molding, the wet egg cartons enter the drying system. This stage is paramount for enhancing the strength and durability of the cartons by eliminating excess moisture.

Diverse drying methods can be employed based on specific project requirements, including natural, brick, or mechanical drying. We can provide bespoke advice on the best drying methods, expert insights and a range of egg tray drying equipment.

Drying System
Drying System

4. Packing Machine

The final process involves the packing machine, a crucial component that adds efficiency to the production line.

This machine compresses the stacked egg trays, ensuring stability and facilitating easy transportation. The compression not only optimizes storage space but also minimizes the risk of damage during handling and transit.


In conclusion, the working process of an egg carton production line is a meticulous orchestration of pulping, molding, drying, and packing.

We are always committed to providing diverse and reliable equipment to ensure that each stage is seamlessly executed, resulting in top-quality egg cartons ready to meet market demands.