Egg Tray Making Machine Price in South Africa

Egg Tray Making Machine Price in South Africa

egg tray making machine

Invest egg tray making machine price in South Africa has many advantages, including profitable returns. Here you will get the price range of egg tray machines from small to large capacities. And you will choose the right model from us. Besides, the important tips to help you start the egg tray factory, egg tray manufacturing business.

Invest Benefits of Egg Tray Machine in South Africa

The role of the egg tray machine is to convert pulp into egg trays for packaging and protection of eggs, and it also provides opportunities for packaging solutions in other yields, such as fruits, vegetables, Electronics.The egg tray manufacturing industry has gained immense popularity in South Africa due to its numerous benefits and promising prospects.

The advantages of investing egg tray making machine price in South Africa include sustainability and environmental friendliness, a wide range of applications beyond egg packaging, profitable market demand. Overall, you can get profitable returns.

Small Egg Tray Making Machine Price in South Africa

Price Range

For small-scale entrepreneurs or startups, a small egg tray making machine is an ideal choice. These machines have a lower initial investment and can produce up to 1000 pieces per hour. The price range for small egg tray making machine price in South Africa starts from around USD 4,500, depending on the brand, quality, and capacity. These machines are suitable for businesses looking to start with limited capital and gradually expand their production capacity.


Low investment cost:starts from 4,500$, namely R65,250.

Quick return on investment: in the three or more months, you will get the return.

Adaptability to market demand: reduce the investment risk and meet the market demand.

Large Egg Tray Making Machine Price in South Africa

Price Range

For large-scale production and higher output, large egg tray machines are available in the market. These machines can produce up to 8000 pieces per hour and are suitable for established manufacturers or businesses with a higher production requirement. The price range for large egg tray making machine price in South Africa ranges from USD 30,000 to USD 70,000, depending on the production capacity and advanced features.


The advantages includes high production capacity, economies of scale, high degree of automation, production stability, multi-functionality, improved market competitiveness and environmental protection benefits for investors, and are suitable for large-scale egg tray production and an important choice for enterprise development.

Medium Scale Egg Tray Making Machine Price in South Africa

Price Range

For medium-scale production, medium-sized egg tray making machine are the perfect choice from 3000pcs/h to 4000pcs/h. These machines strike a balance between investment cost and production capacity. The price range for medium-scale egg tray making machine price in South Africa is around USD 15,000 to USD 30,000. These machines cater to businesses looking for steady growth and a significant production output.

medium egg tray making machine
medium egg tray making machine


For investors, the medium-sized egg tray machine has the advantages of moderate investment cost, high production capacity, flexibility and stability, adapting to market demand, improving production efficiency, saving labor costs and environmental protection benefits. It is a An investment option worth considering.

How to Find the Right Egg Tray Making Machine?

Finding the right egg tray making machine requires careful consideration of various factors. Firstly, you should assess their production needs and choose a machine that aligns with their capacity requirements.

Secondly, you should research reputable manufacturers and suppliers that offer reliable machines with excellent after-sales service, such as Shuliy Machinery. Visiting the manufacturing facilities and checking customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the machine’s quality and performance.

egg tray making machine
egg tray making machine

How to Start a Successful Egg Tray Manufacturing Business?

Understanding the egg tray production line

Before, you may need to learn the main equipment in your production process. It includes paper pulper, egg tray forming machine, egg tray dryer, egg tray packaging machine, and more.

Preparation before setting up the egg tray factory

  • Finding a suitable location: Choose a suitable location to set up your factory
  • Purchasing equipment: you can choose manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment.
  • Access to funds: Ensure that sufficient funds are available to purchase equipment and start production.
  • Recruitment of staff: Hire the 3 or 5 staff to operate the equipment and manage the factory.

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