Paper Egg Tray Making Machine in India

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine in India

paper egg tray making machine

Our paper egg tray making machine in India has stable and efficient production. You may get the price range from here. And we have small or large pulp molding machines for sale at competitive prices. If you need it, welcome to contact us now for a discount.

Why Invest in the Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

The paper egg tray making machine in India offers a promising and sustainable solution for egg packaging. Its eco-friendly nature, efficient production process, versatility, and affordability make it a popular choice among businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective egg tray production.

The paper egg tray making machine in India follows an efficient production process. Waste paper is first converted into pulp, which is then molded into egg tray shapes using specialized molds. The molded trays are then dried, resulting in sturdy and reliable egg packaging.

Get Paper Egg Tray Making Machine in India Now

The paper egg tray making machine is affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes in India. With a wide range of models available, you can choose a pulp molding machine that best suits your production needs and budget. For egg carton manufacturers, you can produce quail egg trays, pulp egg cartons, etc.

With different egg tray molds, you will get various egg carton sizes, such as egg cartons 18 count. And Shuliy will offer you all kinds of types from small to large equipment. Do you want to get a pulp molding machine price? Contact us now for fresh cost.

Click small egg tray making machine for more details. And view large pulp molding machine for sale.

egg tray molds
egg tray molds

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Price

Are you finding pulp molding machine price? Our paper egg tray making machine in India comes with competitive costs that fit your budget. Compared to other suppliers, we offer more favorable rates without compromising on quality. Many satisfied clients have already saved hundreds of dollars on their purchases with us.

Our pulp molding machine price ranges from USD 8,000 to USD 70,000, namely from INR 6,00,000 to USD 70,000, depending on the machine model, production capacity, and additional features. We understand the importance of finding the right machine that meets your specific requirements while being budget-friendly.

You may get a discount from our promotional activities. Our professional will help you get the right model and price.

paper egg tray making machine
paper egg tray making machine

Successful Cases of Egg Tray Making Machine

Our paper egg tray making machine in India got great performance and reputation. Therefore, there has many people ordered our pulp molding machine. Here has a true case about it.

One such remarkable case is Mr. Patel, an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to establish an egg tray production business in Gujarat, India.

Upon approaching us, Mr. Patel was impressed by our company’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality egg tray making machines. Our team of professionals guided him through the entire process, providing valuable insights and customized solutions to meet his specific requirements.

Ship machine to India
Ship machine to India

Some Questions You May Be Interested In

What is the raw material for paper egg trays?

Recycled pulp can be used to make paper egg trays in the manufacturing process.

How to make egg cartons?

Egg cartons are made by molding paper pulp into the shape of individual egg compartments. The process involves pulping waste paper, forming the pulp into molds, and then drying the molded trays

How many eggs in a paper trays?

Generally, 30 eggs. But we can also design the molds for different sizes, including 12 hole, 24 hole, etc.

What is the standard egg tray size?

It is 30*30cm.