Egg tray forming machine exported to Peru

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egg tray making machine

Our egg tray forming machine has recently achieved significant success worldwide, especially in the Peruvian market.

The following is a case study from a Peruvian customer, demonstrating the excellent performance of our egg tray machine in the region.

Egg tray forming machine with good price
Egg tray forming machine with good price

Customer’s background

A Peruvian egg processing plant, facing the challenges of expanding operations, sought an eco-friendly and efficient egg packaging solution.

In pursuit of sustainable development goals and increased production efficiency, they opted for our 3000-3500pcs/h Egg Tray Machine.


Our Egg Tray Forming Machine uses recycled paper and waste paper as raw materials, transforming them into high-quality pulp through a pulping system. After molding with customized molds, it produces sturdy and durable egg trays.

The machine is designed for easy operation, making it accessible even to factory workers without specific experience.

Egg tray forming machine
Egg tray forming machine

Business Benefits:

  1. Environmentally Sustainable:
    • By utilizing recycled paper, the egg processing plant reduced environmental impact during the egg packaging process, aligning with their commitment to sustainable production.
  2. Cost-Effective:
    • Through the use of recycled materials and an efficient production process, the processing plant achieved significant cost savings in egg packaging, enhancing overall profitability.
  3. Efficient Production:
    • Our machine can produce 3000-3500 egg trays per hour, enabling the processing plant to rapidly meet the growing demand for egg packaging, thereby improving overall production efficiency.
  4. Simple Operation:
    • The machine’s user-friendly design ensures straightforward operation, eliminating the need for extensive training and allowing employees to adapt quickly to the workflow.

Customer Feedback:

Our customer indicates that the implementation of the Egg Tray Forming Machine in his egg processing plant has proven to be a transformative decision.

The machine’s unparalleled efficiency has significantly enhanced their production capabilities. The positive feedback from the workforce underscores the ease of operation and adaptability of the machine, allowing for seamless integration into their daily operations.

Beyond cost savings and improved profitability, the machine has elevated the presentation of their egg trays, positively impacting their product positioning in the market.

Overall, the Egg Tray Forming Machine has not only met but exceeded their expectations, making it a cornerstone of their commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and continued business success.

Egg tray forming machine for business
Egg tray forming machine for business


Through the implementation of our Egg Tray Machine, the Peruvian egg processing plant successfully achieved sustainable innovation in egg packaging, contributing to both business development and environmental goals.

We remain committed to delivering high-quality products and professional services to assist customers in achieving greater success in the competitive market.

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