Egg Crate Manufacturing Machine in Uzbekistan

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In this success story from Uzbekistan, this customer chose our egg crate manufacturing machine to produce paper egg cartons, egg trays, etc. Moreover, we provide valuable insights into the local market, detailing the competitive pricing of our machines and an easy-to-follow guide on making egg cartons.

Uzbekistan Egg Crate Manufacturing Market

With the support of government initiatives promoting environmental conservation, the demand for egg crates made from recycled paper pulp is on the rise. Uzbekistan presents a promising landscape for egg crate manufacturers.

Successful Cases of Egg Crate Manufacturing Machine

Consultation after his inquiry

Meet Mr. Rahman, a budding entrepreneur from Uzbekistan with a vision to enter into the egg crate manufacturing industry. Recognizing the increasing demand for egg cartons in the region, our professional manager help him choose a machine.

Order egg tray making machine

Mr. Rahman from Uzbekistan reached out to Shuliy with his requirements for 3000pcs/h egg crate manufacturing machine. It can produce various kinds of paper egg cartons, egg trays.

Shuliy advantages

Shuliy is a trusted name in the egg crate manufacturing machine market. With their extensive expertise, competitive pricing, and understanding of the industry, we provided personalized guidance.

And recommended a suitable paper egg carton making machine that aligned perfectly with Mr. Rahman’s needs and budget. Certainly, we also offer other paper egg tray machine to meet your requirements. Welcome to contact us to get price.

Various Application of Egg Tray Making Machine

The egg crate manufacturing machine finds versatile applications across multiple industries, catering to diverse tray sizes. From the production of egg crates for small, medium, and large tray sizes, this machine ensures eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.

The egg tray making machine excels in producing the small tray size, perfect for delicate items such as fruits, electronics, and cosmetics. For medium tray size like bottles, cups, and candles, the egg trays from machine also can be used.

The diverse applications of the egg crate manufacturing machine have led to its wide adoption across industries, including agriculture, electronics, food, and logistics.

delivery site
delivery site

Egg Carton Machine Price in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, the egg crate manufacturing machine price ranges from USD 8,000 to USD 20,000, depending on the production capacity and specific features of the machine. When converted to the local currency, the price varies from approximately 84,000,000 to 210,000,000 Uzbekistani som.

The egg crate manufacturing machine is an excellent investment for businesses seeking to produce high-quality egg cartons and other paper trays. Additionally, the egg tray making machine, an essential component of the production line, complements the egg carton machine, providing businesses with a comprehensive packaging solution.

How to Make Egg Cartons?

  1. Preparation: Collect material, such as waste paper for egg cartons.
  2. Pulping: Shred the waste paper and soak it in water. Then, use a paper pulper to break down it.
  3. Molding: Pour the pulp into the egg crate manufacturing machine with the egg carton mold.
  4. Egg Tray Drying: The egg cartons are transferred to a egg tray dryer.
  5. Packaging: After quality checks, the finished egg cartons are ready for packaging and shipment.
make egg crates from waste paper
make egg crates from waste paper