Egg tray molding machine in Lebanon

Paper egg tray molding machine

Good news! Our egg tray molding machine was exported to Lebanon, where it will revolutionize the egg packaging process for a leading agricultural enterprise.

Egg Box Making Machine Sent to Ghana

automatic Egg Box Making Machine

Recently, our Egg Box Making Machine successfully found its way to Ghana, injecting innovation and sustainability into a thriving agricultural community.

Egg carton making machine shipped to Ecuador

industrial Egg Tray Making Machine

We are delighted to announce the successful deployment of our egg carton making machine to a prominent company in Ecuador, offering an innovative solution for their sustainable packaging needs.

What You Should Know About Egg Tray Making Machine?

Egg Tray Making Machine for sale

Egg tray making machines have become integral to sustainable packaging solutions, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials. Here’s what you should know about these innovative machines:

What are the Drying Methods for Egg Trays?

paper trays

The drying process is a crucial step in the production of egg trays, ensuring they achieve the required strength and durability. There are several drying methods employed in the industry, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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